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I’m married to my best friend and high school sweetheart (in fact we’ve been together since 10th grade) and a mother of 2 young and wild (but fantastic) boys. I work a full-time job doing data entry/accounting for a small company. I’ve always liked books but it’s just been since I was pregnant with my oldest that I started devouring them at warp speed.  I enjoy most genres of books and I read them in many different forms (Kindle or Nook apps on my tablet, print copies, or even an occasional audio book) .  I ALWAYS read a book’s synopsis before buying it. I am notorious for staying up into the wee hours of the morning to read just a little bit more and who needs sleep when there’s this book to read!

Happy Reading,


  1. Hey Megs, I’d love your book reviewing skills please. I am starting a book marketing company for authors and I am targeting quality book bloggers. I’d only ever send you books (to keep) in the genres that you enjoy and I’d always ask if you have the time and actually want to read the book. Hope to hear back from you so I can add you to my awesome list of book bloggers! Alana Munro. 🙂

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