BLOG TOUR: Crossroads by Megan Keith


Title: Crossroads

Series: Finding My Way, #2

Author: Megan Keith

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance (18+)

My Rating: School School School School School


Nick is about to head overseas on an adventure of a lifetime. It’s what he has always wanted, to travel the world, to experience new cultures, see the places he’s dreamed of for so long. He should be over the moon. Instead, he’s been in a slump ever since he lost his friend Em.

Nick is a player, always has been. The first time he ever wanted more from a girl he was shot down. So now he’s left licking his wounds. Emma made her choice and now Nick has to live with it.

Or does he? When he finds out that Emma is single after all, will he fight for her? Will he be able to convince her to give him a chance? And if he does, what will happen when he leaves?

Nick has reached a crossroads in his life – the girl or the dream. Seems like an easy choice when the girl of his dreams is Emma. But what if she doesn’t see things the same way?



*Warning: If you have NOT read Finding My Way, this review will have spoilers for you*


This was a great conclusion to Nick and Emma’s story. I felt like I was there with them at times and totally blocked out everything around me while I was engrossed in the story. Well written characters, a well developed plot, and good scene description all came together for a stellar book.

I found Nick and Emma very likeable characters despite their faults. They were realistic, had real life doubts, and real life expectations. There were a few times I wanted to shake some sense into both of them because a lot of things would have been solved by better communication. However, I that just make them more believable as people. Nick is a hot DJ who was a HUGE player in the past but has finally found someone he wants to be with in Emma. I liked a him a lot in this book. He really grew as a person. Emma frustrated me at times with her lack of confidence and not talking to Nick when she had doubts but she learned and grew as well. I really enjoyed following their journey together.

The book was well laid out and flowed nicely. Scenes transitioned smoothly and were described in enough detail to give the reader a nice visual with out bombarding them. All the characters were well developed (even the secondary one). I can’t wait to read Seth’s book and I hope Ethan (Emma’s Brother) gets a book or a novella. I would also like to read a follow-up novella to find out what happens with their relationship in the future and Nick’s relationship with his dad. Crossroads is a 5 out of 5 books for me. Great job!


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Author Info


Megan Keith is a married, mother of three, living in a small country town in New South Wales, Australia. She has a constant thirst for a good story, whether it is in books, music, movies, on TV, or just plain old-fashioned gossip. She has always had a creative side and loves to let her imagination run wild. On a few occasions over the years, Megan has put those imaginings into a written story, but never dreamed of publishing. She has always loved to read, but it wasn’t until she got given a Kindle that it became a full-blown addiction. Her introduction to the world of Indie Authors re-ignited her passion for writing. Megan published her first book Finding My Way in June 2013. Crossroads is the sequel and the second book to the Finding My Way trilogy.

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Book Trailer

By Megan Keith



The keys jiggle in the lock signaling Nick’s arrival and I adjust myself on the bed. I can’t believe I’m doing this. His footsteps become louder and my heart rate increases, my libido kicking in. When Nick enters the room his eyes go wide and the sexy smirk that I love so much appears on his handsome face. His dimples smile at me and I feel the pull to him coming directly from between my legs.

“Wow Em,” he says, his eyes wandering up and down my body.

I did exactly as he asked – I am dressed in nothing but my bikini. I’m lying on my side with my head propped on my elbow, trying to look like a seductress. By the heat in Nick’s gaze I’d say it’s working. He puts his phone, keys and wallet on the tall chest of drawers, keeping his piercing blue eyes on me the whole time. He kicks off his shoes and tugs his t-shirt over his head, tossing it to the floor. My eyes lose focus on his face when that deliciously ripped torso of his is revealed. I gawk unabashedly at his perfection as he stalks towards me. When he reaches the side of the bed I sit up slightly. His crotch is in perfect position near my face. I reach for the button on his shorts. Undoing his zipper slowly I look up at his face and lick my lips. He groans which causes me to smile. It makes me feel unbelievably powerful.


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