BLOG TOUR: Angel of Mine by Jessica Louise

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If you had the ability to heal with just one touch, the capability to absorb other’s pain by making it your own, would you do it?

The gratifying feeling she gets from helping others intoxicates Ally; the glowing warmth within constantly simmers, incessant on bursting free. Ally was born to do this, but how much more damage can her body take?

Theo finds himself getting close to the girl that continues to inflict pain on herself. When he discovers her secret, his overwhelming concern drives him to do everything in his power to prevent Ally from getting hurt, no matter how lovely her intentions are.

Theo also has secrets and will take any measure to keep them hidden from the girl he is falling in love with. He knows better than to let her get too close. She can never find out the information he conceals because she cannot help him anyway.

Devastating circumstances. Helpless love. Where there’s a will, is there actually a way?

Rating: School School School School
This was a really sweet love story with just a bit of paranormal thrown in. I have never read anything like this book so it was a nice change of pace. I was wrapped up in what was going to happen to Theo and Ally and had to keep reading to find out how things worked out.
Theo was a great leading male. Like Ally says in the book, he’s right out of a romance novel! Hot body, killer looks, a great personality, and so sweet!! He will definitely melt your heart. He is so protective of Ally, especially from herself.
Ally has been homeschooled and locked up in her house by her mother in an effort to keep her safe from everyone that would take advantage of her. When she meets Theo, she is shy and naïve and only has her love of romance books and movies to guide her. I found her very endearing and selfless. There were a few times I found myself thinking “stop doing this to yourself” right along with Theo and her mom but also understanding her desire to help people in need.
This was a very interesting take on paranormal ability. It wasn’t flashy and you didn’t get thrown into another “world.” It was just a normal everyday life with this girl who happens to be able to heal people and it worked great. I enjoyed the book and I give it 4 out of 5 books!

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Jessica Louise is a hopeless romantic and the epitome of a girly girl.

She thinks pink is the new black and that hair crimpers never went out of fashion.

In her spare time she enjoys the simple things in life like the smell of the air before the rain or a swim at the beach on a hot summer’s day.

She is an avid reader and an aspiring writer, who believes whole heartedly in the old English proverb; the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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Read an Excerpt:

We rock on the porch swing, admiring the changing colours of the afternoon sky as the sun sets. Shades of pinks, purples, and oranges decorate the horizon, and the smile it bestows upon Ally’s face is so dazzling that it lights her up.

Curled up against my side her with feet tucked under her, she absently draws random patterns on my bare leg with her fingertips. She is driving me crazy. I slouch further down into the cushioned seat of the swing and pull her tighter against me, hoping this may cause her fingers to inch just a little higher.

I pepper little bites up and down her exposed neck, making her squirm and giggle. I swirl my tongue around the slight marks to soothe them. I want to eat her alive. “You taste delicious,” my voice is husky.

She guides my hand from her waist to her breast, and I groan. Squeezing lightly, I start to ravage her mouth with my own. Through the thin material of her satin top, I can easily feel the effect I have on her and trace around the hard peak with my fingers while fantasizing about doing the exact same thing with my tongue.

Just as thoughts of how innocent she is pinprick at the outer edges of my brain, she moans into my mouth and I come undone. I lay back and pull her over the top of me, grinding up against her. The bulge in my cargo shorts is hard as a rock, and it pushes stubbornly against my zipper. The side of the swing digging into my back doesn’t even bother me, and I have totally forgotten that we are out in the open.

Any logic that materialized earlier concerning the need to slow things down for her sake has vanished. May God have mercy on my soul.


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~ Angel of Mine by Monica

~ All My Life by Kc & JoJo  

~ Time of my life by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

~ I won’t let you go by James Morrison

~ Closer by Neo

~ No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown

~ I’m here without you by 3 doors down

~ I won’t give up by Jason Mraz

~ When you believe by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston

~ Because you loved me by Celine Dion


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ally          theo

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