REVIEW: Incomplete by Lindy Zart


Title: Incomplete

Series: Incomplete, #1

Author: Lindy Zart

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Romance

Rating: School School School School School


There are three absolute truths in Grayson Lee’s life:
1. His existence was a mistake.
2. No one is good enough for his best friend, Lily Jacobs, especially not him.
3. He loves her anyway.



I had a serious book hangover when I finished this. I was emotionally drained (in the best possible way). There were a lot of ups and downs throughout the story but I liked it. It gave the story dimension and did a really good job of displaying how emotional teenagers can be.

It was refreshing to hear the story from a guy’s POV and I really liked Grayson. He doesn’t think very highly of himself yet it is obvious that he is strong and tries to do the right thing for everyone around him (even if it is misguided). He’s had to deal with a lot of neglect at home and it is emotionally draining. Especially when he is looking after his 11 year old brother. There were times when I wanted to just shake some sense into him.

Lily is kind and sweet to everyone. She doesn’t judge and tries to help Grayson. Even when he’s being stubborn and won’t listen, she finds a way to push him on the right path for himself. She definitely has flaws and makes mistakes as well but I really liked that when no one paid attention to Grayson’s wants/needs in life, she was there to help him along.

The characters had depth and the story line was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Grayson and Lily and seeing how they grew and changed as young adults. They felt like real people to me. Overall it was a great book and I can’t wait to read the next one. I am happy to give it a 5 out of 5 books!!


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