REVIEW: More Than This by Jay McLean




Title: More Than This

Author: Jay McLean

Rating: School School School School School

Genre: New Adult Romance – 18+


In one night my fairytale ended. Or it may have begun. This is my story of friendship and love, heartbreak and desire, and the strength to show weakness.

One night I met a girl. A sad and broken girl, but one more beautiful than any other. She laughed through her sadness, while I loved through her heartbreak.

*This is our story of a maybe ever after.*

**Mature Reader Advised. Language and Sexual content.**



The Review

Mikayla and Jake meet in a pretty unorthodox way but there is a connection from the very beginning. Mikayla has so much happen to her that is bad that she struggles to deal with it all and still keep going. She learns so much from Jake, his group of friends, and his family who all welcome her in to their lives from the very beginning.

Jake was on the road to a great scholarship and maybe even pro baseball one day when a chance meeting with a beautiful girl and witnessing all of her hardships creates a special bond. He shows his great personality, strength, persistence, patience, and compassion throughout the entire story. Did I mention he has a rockin’ body? Oh well we can’t leave that out because he works damn hard to keep that fine six pack he rocks. And he also has an Australian accent!

This is one of the best love stories I’ve read. It was one of those emotional ones that left me exhausted when it was done but it a really good way. The emotional bonds all of the secondary characters have with each other as well as with Mikayla and Jake is really great to read about and I really enjoyed all of them.

Overall it was an excellent read and it will definitely go on my growing list of books I’d like to read again.



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